Day 242 – String art

Doing something new every day has brought me fun and adventure in this very strange year, but it is definitely a challenge some days. Since March it's been very difficult to find safe new things to do at home or in my neighbourhood (hence all the food-related posts), and it requires a lot of research… Continue reading Day 242 – String art

Day 119 – Calligraphy

Before the shops started shutting and we had to stay home, I discovered a great shop in Frankfurt called Søstrene Grene. They sell all sorts of lovely stuff for the home, as well as a large amount of crafting stuff: the products have an eco-friendly focus, and everything is at a great "cheaper than I… Continue reading Day 119 – Calligraphy

Day 53 – Self-portrait

Day 53 - I attempted to paint a self-portrait, and it got deep.

Day 40 – Painting

I was surprised to love doing today's challenge. I would usually describe myself as creative, but when I look at the creative things I can do well, such as crochet or baking, I'm nearly always following instructions of some kind. I've already learned during this challenge that I can go off-book and create something to… Continue reading Day 40 – Painting