Day 242 – String art

Doing something new every day has brought me fun and adventure in this very strange year, but it is definitely a challenge some days. Since March it's been very difficult to find safe new things to do at home or in my neighbourhood (hence all the food-related posts), and it requires a lot of research… Continue reading Day 242 – String art

Day 232 – Crocheted a coaster

Crocheting is one of few crafts that I enjoy, and can actually do. I love making little amigurumi animals, big woolly scarves, and have been working on a blanket for the past few years. I even attempted to crochet a hat for the first time earlier in the year, but it didn't go that well!… Continue reading Day 232 – Crocheted a coaster

Day 210 – Sunglasses case

Although this summer got off to a slow start, I've finally welcomed the increase in hot, sunny days with open arms. Since moving to Frankfurt I've really come to love summer: the city normally comes alive with street festivals in different neighbourhoods every week, ending with the huge Museum festival at the end of August.… Continue reading Day 210 – Sunglasses case

Day 203 – Made a sock toy

Although I don't do it as often as I'd like, one of my hobbies is amigurumi - crocheted animals. I love the meditative way my hands work the wool, and the pure satisfaction when it creates something good. After sewing a fabric tray, juggling balls, and a couple of face masks, I've really started to… Continue reading Day 203 – Made a sock toy

Day 195 – Matchstick Crafts

I started the day intending to make a sculpture out of matchsticks. I ended the day with a tangled mess of matchsticks and glue, not quite sure what I'd created. I'd noted matchstick sculpture on my to-do list at the beginning of the year, but looking back on it now I'm not sure what I'd… Continue reading Day 195 – Matchstick Crafts

Day 184 – Weaving

This week has seemed like one of the longest weeks in history and I felt absolutely drained. My brain had given up sometime around lunchtime, so I decided to start the weekend early and spend my Friday afternoon watching Netflix. When I realised it was only Thursday, I knew I was in trouble. Today, my… Continue reading Day 184 – Weaving

Day 125 – Book folding

A great source of new things for me has been my parent's next-door neighbour and family friend, Hazel. I've had numerous weird and wacky suggestions from her, but also some gems that I've been looking forward to trying – today's new thing is one example of that. My mum and Hazel went for afternoon tea… Continue reading Day 125 – Book folding

Day 87 – Made a fabric tray

Surprisingly, despite staying home for two weeks, I have been really busy recently. I'm trying to take advantage of all the classes and cool stuff people are now putting online, whilst also trying to do new things, talk with family and friends, and just general life stuff. I'm somehow finding myself with less time, rather… Continue reading Day 87 – Made a fabric tray

Day 78 – Loop de loop plane

I had no idea paper planes were able to do a loop de loop before my sister's partner challenged me to make one. I really thought he was winding me up until I curiously looked online, and there they were - hundreds of tutorials! Scrolling through Youtube I found there were a variety of different… Continue reading Day 78 – Loop de loop plane

Day 76 – Air Freshener

Since I made my (very useful) natural cleaner with leftover citrus peels, I've kept an ever-growing stash in the freezer. I like to eliminate as much food waste as I can (I also keep vegetable offcuts to make vegetable stock), but with everything going on, I was running out of space in my freezer. The… Continue reading Day 76 – Air Freshener