Day 360 – The Queen’s Speech

Despite what I wrote about Christmas traditions and new things yesterday, my Christmas day was surprisingly full of new things! Photo by Olenka Sergienko on I'd set myself the challenge of running a mile every day in December, something I regretted very much on Christmas morning but still went out after opening a few… Continue reading Day 360 – The Queen’s Speech

Day 359 – Clementine Martini

I very carefully planned my Christmas new things to be as low fuss as possible. If ever there was a time to have things as they always were, it's Christmas, a time where we bring out cherished traditions from years gone past. This year more than ever I leaned on the little traditions that I'd… Continue reading Day 359 – Clementine Martini

Day 343 – Homemade Christmas Cards

I enjoyed making yesterday's new thing, a Christmas wreath, so much that today I wanted to extend that nice Christmassy feeling. I stuck on a cheesy Netflix Christmas film, turned on the Christmas tree lights, and set to work making my own Christmas cards. Photo by Jonathan Borba on I'm normally a big card… Continue reading Day 343 – Homemade Christmas Cards

Day 342 – Homemade Christmas Wreath

Christmas is normally all about the markets here in Germany – as soon as the beginning of December comes any type of social appointment is spent eating and/or drinking at either the big one in the city or any number of small local ones scattered around (including a lovely one in the forest). For obvious… Continue reading Day 342 – Homemade Christmas Wreath