Day 354 – At Home Escape Room

I love solving puzzles: I love reading mystery novels, I love doing picross, I love watching crime dramas on TV – escape rooms are a chance for me to play detective in "real life". I haven't done many, but the few I have, I've done with family and had the best time – one of my… Continue reading Day 354 – At Home Escape Room

Day 99 – Online art museums

During my interview with Ann at #365firstschallenge the other day, we briefly touched upon how easy it was to find new things to do during the times of social isolation. Every day there appears to be an abundance of new resources, recipes, tutorials, and opportunities available, and I'm actually finding it hard to fit it… Continue reading Day 99 – Online art museums

Day 76 – Air Freshener

Since I made my (very useful) natural cleaner with leftover citrus peels, I've kept an ever-growing stash in the freezer. I like to eliminate as much food waste as I can (I also keep vegetable offcuts to make vegetable stock), but with everything going on, I was running out of space in my freezer. The… Continue reading Day 76 – Air Freshener