Day 313 – Cleverbot

Today was a nice full day, spent baking and doing little household bits and bobs. I had planned to do something a bit more involved, but as is the way this week, I ran out of time. Instead, I borrowed an idea from a fellow crazy person doing something new every day on Instagram, and… Continue reading Day 313 – Cleverbot

Day 224 – Google Quick, Draw

A fun and quick one today! When I was looking into the Mars A.I. that I helped last week, I tumbled down an internet rabbit hole last week and brought this website back with me. Google's Quick, Draw is a fun little game where you simply have to draw a couple of pictures within 20… Continue reading Day 224 – Google Quick, Draw

Day 192 – A.I. Oil painting

Today's new thing is a weird and quick one, but one that I hope gives you a laugh. I read an article a while ago on Bored Panda about how people were using a computer programme to turn themselves into oil paintings. Some of the pictures people posted were beautiful, especially those from women with… Continue reading Day 192 – A.I. Oil painting