Day 276 – Scared Pepper Experiment

Today had been a long and tiring day where I didn't have enough time to complete my planned new thing. No worries, I have a long list to choose from right? Well, if you include things like "swim in the Pacific", or "be in two countries at once" then sure, but I'm running pretty low… Continue reading Day 276 – Scared Pepper Experiment

Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Ayurveda has become one of the new buzzwords in health over the past few years, and I've seen it pop up on social media, women's magazines, and TV programmes. Ayurveda, Sanskrit for the science of life, is an alternative medicine, originating in India where a large portion of the population still use its principles today.… Continue reading Day 267 – Ayurveda Basics

Day 156 – Made a weather balloon

The James Dyson Foundation science and engineering challenge for kids has provided me with no end of inspiration. I don't have kids but it doesn't matter, the challenges such as the spaghetti bridge, or the paper water bombs have been a fun and different way of getting me to use my brain. Today I thought… Continue reading Day 156 – Made a weather balloon