Day 340 – Infused Alcohol

I'm not a huge drinker, but I do love a cocktail. My favourite, a Manhattan, I attempted to make for myself way back in January with mixed results. Thankfully, I've gotten a lot better since then, and after spending most of the year inside, I'm pretty much now a professional. One thing I've never done… Continue reading Day 340 – Infused Alcohol

Day 284 – Wine Tasting

Oh boy, have I been looking forward to this new thing. After a busy couple of weeks, and a long German test yesterday, I was absolutely ready to kick back and relax with a glass or two of wine. I would have loved to have gone to the Rhine region near us in Frankfurt and… Continue reading Day 284 – Wine Tasting

Day 72 – Onigiri, Lamian, and Soju

If you know what all of those things are, you'll know I've had a bit of a culinary tour around Asia today! I had a lovely evening planned - first a trip to the Palmengarten to view an orchid exhibition, and then a walk through Frankfurt to view different light exhibitions at the Luminale. Unfortunately… Continue reading Day 72 – Onigiri, Lamian, and Soju