Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

This was a fun and quick new thing! I've found a few different ladies through Instagram who are doing the same challenge as me, doing something new, every day. We've been taking inspiration from each other, and my new thing today comes after seeing a post on Draw a Stickman by one of my fellow… Continue reading Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

Day 263 – Clean-up Frankfurt

Throughout the summer, Clean FFM has been running regular events for the community to help pick-up litter in different rubbish hot-spots around the city. Since March, I've definitely noticed an increase in bottles and picnic remains everywhere. It got so bad in the city in July that Clean FFM made a point by providing a… Continue reading Day 263 – Clean-up Frankfurt

Day 262 – Hand-Sewn Headscarf

Today I decided to pull out of some fabric out of the stash I'd acquired for making masks and whip up something a bit more fun. I'm not the best sewer, I make everything by hand as I don't own a machine, but I enjoy doing little projects such as making juggling balls, or a… Continue reading Day 262 – Hand-Sewn Headscarf

Day 261 – Handball Match

Before living in Germany I had never heard of handball. During one German lesson, a classmate mentioned it and I questioned it, honestly thinking she'd made it up. The teacher swiftly informed me that I was wrong, and it turns out the whole class knew about handball except me. I didn't think it was even… Continue reading Day 261 – Handball Match

Day 260 – Nollywood film

After my adventures in Bollywood a couple of weeks ago, I was curious to explore output from other big film industries around the world. I knew Bollywood was the biggest film industry in the world, but I was expecting maybe China or Hollywood to not be far behind. It turns out I was very wrong,… Continue reading Day 260 – Nollywood film

Day 259 – Let Someone Else Order

I think it's probably no surprise that food is a big passion of mine. I love reading recipes, planning out what I'll eat for the week (bonus - this helps reduce food waste and the shopping bill too!) and getting creative in the kitchen. If I'm going out to eat I also like to have… Continue reading Day 259 – Let Someone Else Order

Day 258 – Vow of Silence

This one has been on my list for a while after inspiration from Mayfairing's blog but I've been waiting for the perfect time to do it. A day where I didn't have to interact with too many people, but also wouldn't be completely alone – a day like today. Photo by lascot studio on… Continue reading Day 258 – Vow of Silence

Day 257 – DIY Straws

I'm always on the search for new things, especially as the year goes on and I seem to have already baked through half of my list. On a recent trip to a department store, poking out of a clearance section, I found something that looked really fun and a bit weird making it a perfect… Continue reading Day 257 – DIY Straws

Day 256 – Siesmayer Cafe

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that it's no secret I like the sweet stuff. Cakes, tarts, chocolate, you name it! Whilst I normally like to be making it, I love to venture out and taste the real deal from time to time. A few months ago a lovely friend got… Continue reading Day 256 – Siesmayer Cafe

Day 255 – Frankfurt Walking Tour

I am choosing to stay at home this year. I so dearly want to visit family, or even just hop on the train and go somewhere within Germany, but I don't want to put anyone at risk. Torn between wanderlust and social consciousness, I decided to be a tourist in my own city and did… Continue reading Day 255 – Frankfurt Walking Tour