Day 363 – New Dog Trick

I had something entirely different planned for today, but an overnight visit from my favourite four-legged friend, Sascha presented a new opportunity. I've already made her some dog treats, and made a sculpture of her likeness, why not try and teach her a new trick? Sascha and her one true love Sascha is a very… Continue reading Day 363 – New Dog Trick

The Future

I've only got a few days left of my new thing challenge, and although the world looks a little different than it did 12 months ago when I was getting ready to start, I still feel very fortunate and happy that I was able to continue this challenge right throughout the year. I'll be honest,… Continue reading The Future

Day 362 – Pain au Chocolat

You better believe I saved some of the most appetising bakes to close the year with! I made croissants the other day, and although they weren't perfect they were still homemade buttery croissants – I mean, what's not to like? The recipe from the Puff the Bakery course I've been following actually made enough for… Continue reading Day 362 – Pain au Chocolat

Day 361 – Toad in the Hole

It's Boxing Day, the day of leftovers and lounging around in pyjamas! Yesterday, we had the most delicious pescatarian dinner: salmon en croute, loads of veggies and some lemony hasselback potatoes – it was amazing. Yet, we still missed the meaty, carb-heavy Christmas dinner of old with Yorkshire puddings and oodles of gravy. For Boxing… Continue reading Day 361 – Toad in the Hole

Day 360 – The Queen’s Speech

Despite what I wrote about Christmas traditions and new things yesterday, my Christmas day was surprisingly full of new things! Photo by Olenka Sergienko on I'd set myself the challenge of running a mile every day in December, something I regretted very much on Christmas morning but still went out after opening a few… Continue reading Day 360 – The Queen’s Speech

Day 359 – Clementine Martini

I very carefully planned my Christmas new things to be as low fuss as possible. If ever there was a time to have things as they always were, it's Christmas, a time where we bring out cherished traditions from years gone past. This year more than ever I leaned on the little traditions that I'd… Continue reading Day 359 – Clementine Martini

Day 358 – Croissants

Oh boy, I've been looking forward to making these since I started the second part of my Puff the Bakery course months ago. I've had to fast-forward a few weeks to get to the this but don't worry, I'll be picking things back up next year again. This year I've really developed my baking skills,… Continue reading Day 358 – Croissants

Day 357 – Darts Match

I struggled to find a new thing for today. I've been waiting on a few deliveries for big new things that would help me close the year with a bang, but due to well, everything, they've either been cancelled or not arrived. I wanted to find something bigger than the average new thing to fill… Continue reading Day 357 – Darts Match

Day 356 – Panforte

Only ten more days to go!! I wish I had a few more exciting things planned for the end of the year, but one way or another the pandemic has put a stop to that. Never mind, one thing that will always be exciting to me is making some new food, and today I turned… Continue reading Day 356 – Panforte

Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

A self-defence class is something that I would have loved to have done in normal times but never had the confidence to go. Ironically, thanks to my year of new things I now have the confidence, but there are no classes allowed to run. Today, I decided to try and attempt what I could at… Continue reading Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics