Ongoing thoughts


February highlights

Things I’ll definitely continue from February

Things I definitely won’t do again

Things I’m still doing from January

I’m happy to report I’m still doing nearly all of my January ‘continues’. I still go to Tai Chi nearly every week, bake my freestyle bread, and compliment strangers when I can. The most life-changing one is the capsule wardrobe. I use it automatically and haven’t been clothes shopping since last year – it’s really something that has become part of my life.


January highlights
  • Struggled with being organised
  • Often relied on new food
  • Got creative when time ran out

Things I’ll definitely continue from January

  • Tai Chi – I really enjoyed this and having been spreading the good word ever since. Can move your body subtely in new ways, whilst also being very relaxing.
  • Capsule wardrobe – I now can’t imagine going back to the old way. I don’t feel restricted, and I get to wear clothes I love everyday. A keeper!
  • Sign language – I just love learning this. It’s completely different to any other language and something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Very satisfying.
  • Complimented a stranger – Such a nice feeling that benefits both people. I have done this multiple times since and not regretted it yet.
  • Made bread without a recipe – Deeply satisfying. I’ve done this again since as well.
  • Used Too Good To Go – A great idea that I plan to use again this week.
  • Shop at the flea and farmer’s markets – I’ll do this again in a few weeks. A bit expensive for every week.

Things I definitely won’t do again from January