1. Ate Beef Wellington
  2. Ate Wensleydale
  3. Tried to put trousers on without using my hands
  4. Made lemon twist for a martini
  5. Change a lightbulb, made a capsule wardrobe
  6. Peeled an orange in one go
  7. Made a Manhattan (sort of)
  8. Learnt the alphabet in British Sign Language
  9. Made a swan out of a serviette
  10. Decorated a birthday cake, nicely
  11. Bought something from a flea market, bought something from the German farmer’s market
  12. Attempted two world records
  13. Knit a bookmark
  14. Learnt to draw a dog
  15. Did Tai Chi
  16. Did a pub quiz in Germany
  17. Watched an Ice Hockey match
  18. Complimented a stranger in German
  19. Made a clay model
  20. Made a vegan dessert
  21. Made a candle
  22. Listened to a podcast
  23. Shared a cabin on an overnight train with a stranger
  24. Ate goulash
  25. Ate various Hungarian foods
  26. Went in outside thermal baths in below frerezing temperatures
  27. Briefly visited and travelled through Austria
  28. Made bread without a recipe
  29. Went to an exercise class on my own
  30. Used an app to reduce food waste (more exciting than it sounds)
  31. Made a natural cleaner