1. Watched a volleyball match
  2. Made a lampshade cover
  3. Hung a picture
  4. Tried cross-stitch
  5. Wrote a letter to a sick child
  6. Read a new poem
  7. High-fived a cat
  8. Spent the first ten minutes of the day outside
  9. Painted a picture
  10. Made lip balm and lotion bars
  11. Crocheted a hat
  12. Played Chubby Bunny
  13. Wrote a letter in German
  14. Made juggling balls
  15. Went on a self-driving bus
  16. Made marmalade
  17. Learned to juggle
  18. Learned to tie a tie
  19. Learned how a Chinese character
  20. Tried a cupcake cafe
  21. Tried a chocolate cafe
  22. Painted a self-portrait
  23. Went ice skating on real ice
  24. Tried to whistle with my fingers
  25. Tried to make lace pancakes
  26. Wore an unusal lipstick colour
  27. Ate pizza in the snow
  28. Learnt the alphabet backwards
  29. Did 12 new things for leap day