The Future

I've only got a few days left of my new thing challenge, and although the world looks a little different than it did 12 months ago when I was getting ready to start, I still feel very fortunate and happy that I was able to continue this challenge right throughout the year. I'll be honest,… Continue reading The Future

Day 337 – Learned to Mime

I've enjoyed many new skills I've learned this year, but some of the biggest surprise hits have been my new circus abilities: not only can I juggle, I can also spin plates, and make balloon animals too. Today, in my continued efforts to try clown school from the comfort of my living room, I learned… Continue reading Day 337 – Learned to Mime

Day 263 – Clean-up Frankfurt

Throughout the summer, Clean FFM has been running regular events for the community to help pick-up litter in different rubbish hot-spots around the city. Since March, I've definitely noticed an increase in bottles and picnic remains everywhere. It got so bad in the city in July that Clean FFM made a point by providing a… Continue reading Day 263 – Clean-up Frankfurt

Day 259 – Let Someone Else Order

I think it's probably no surprise that food is a big passion of mine. I love reading recipes, planning out what I'll eat for the week (bonus - this helps reduce food waste and the shopping bill too!) and getting creative in the kitchen. If I'm going out to eat I also like to have… Continue reading Day 259 – Let Someone Else Order

Day 179 – Played Mikado

I'd only heard of Mikado in relation to long thin biscuit sticks, coated in chocolate, based on the Japanese Pocky – I'd no idea it was a game until I came upon a cheap set in a local shop. Intrigued, I decided to pick it up and try it out for today's new thing. I… Continue reading Day 179 – Played Mikado

Day 172 – Folded a t-shirt in 2 seconds

This could be the quickest new thing I've done so far! I saw a video a while ago showing somebody doing this and it looked so cool. I took one of my husband's t-shirts and gave it a go. The first time I ended up a bit tangled up, but after that I had… Continue reading Day 172 – Folded a t-shirt in 2 seconds

Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Normally I am quite well organised with my new things, I usually plan out two weeks at a time, and rearrange as and when spontaneous things come up, but today, I don’t know what happened - it was the closest I’d come to not completing anything new at all. I had a full and busy… Continue reading Day 171 – Hand Shadow Puppets

Day 166 – Trifle

Before normal life started to shut down, I tried to stay away from having anything food-related as one of my new things. As someone who already actively looked for new foods to eat and make, it felt a little too easy. That's changed over the past four months. My new adventures had to be limited… Continue reading Day 166 – Trifle

Day 155 – Kalimba

I'm very lucky to have family and friends support my challenge, suggesting new things here and there that I wouldn't have thought of. Sometimes, however, somebody suggests something that I've never even heard of. The kalimba, sometimes called a thumb piano, is an African instrument consisting of a wooden block with steel keys on the… Continue reading Day 155 – Kalimba

Day 152 – SpaceX Simulation

Like millions of others around the world, I was glued to the screen watching the launch of the SpaceX rocket and the beginning of its journey towards the International Space Station. There's something about space travel that creates a childlike excitement in us: so fascinating and unknown that it feels almost unreal that these astronauts… Continue reading Day 152 – SpaceX Simulation