Day 318 – Among Us

I've tried to stay away from computer games as new things as much as possible this year. I don't play many games so a new one is never far from reach, plus I like the idea of discovering more new things away from screens and the internet. With that being said, I've still managed to… Continue reading Day 318 – Among Us

Day 317 – Chin Chin

Rather than what two english gentleman clinking glasses together would say, today's new thing Chin Chin is the surprising name of a sweet Nigerian snack. I found the recipe a little while ago in an issue of BBC Good Food magazine and I've been waiting for the right time to give this tasty sounding dish… Continue reading Day 317 – Chin Chin

Day 316 – Pyramid Solitaire

Today was one of those days that flow by and it's dinner time before you know it. I couldn't remember what new thing I'd planned for today, but I was hoping it would be a nice and easy one. Luckily for me, I'd planned to play a solo card game, specifically pyramid solitaire. Photo by… Continue reading Day 316 – Pyramid Solitaire

Day 315 – Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has been something I've been vaguely aware of for years, but never actually tried. I'm not really sure why, it could be the fear of the unknown, or I just didn't like the look of, but for whatever reason, I'd stayed away for years. A few months ago a friend of mine sent… Continue reading Day 315 – Bubble Tea

Day 314 – Futsal Match

Having been in a second lockdown for nearly two weeks here in Germany, I was surprised to see that live sports matches were still happened, just "behind closed doors". Surprised, in the way that I had it in my head the whole country was on pause, but happy because it gave me an excuse to… Continue reading Day 314 – Futsal Match

Day 313 – Cleverbot

Today was a nice full day, spent baking and doing little household bits and bobs. I had planned to do something a bit more involved, but as is the way this week, I ran out of time. Instead, I borrowed an idea from a fellow crazy person doing something new every day on Instagram, and… Continue reading Day 313 – Cleverbot

Day 312 – Don’t Break the Ice!

Don't worry, although it's been cold in Frankfurt, it's not cold enough to have any ice to break just yet! Today's new thing was in fact a cheap board game that I picked up, called Don't Break the Ice. Full confession, I didn't intend for this to be a new thing (the game just looked… Continue reading Day 312 – Don’t Break the Ice!

Day 311 – Patterned Cake Design

A cursory glance at my blog will show that I love baking and trying anything food-related, but if you look through at some of the pictures you'll see that presentation isn't my strong suit. In my eyes, flavour over style will always, always win, but sometimes it would be nice to make something that looked… Continue reading Day 311 – Patterned Cake Design

Day 310 – Sangak

After enjoying the success of my new bread-making in a sourdough class at the weekend, (I made the very tasty Borodinsky bread) I was looking forward to joining another Bread Ahead class, this time for flatbreads. I've done a few Bread Ahead courses over the year, including the aforementioned sourdough one earlier in the week,… Continue reading Day 310 – Sangak

Day 309 – Speed Typing Test

Today's new thing was one I had in my pocket for any last-minute emergencies. The days where what I can't be bothered doing what I planned, or where plans change late in the day. I was meant to be on another Bread Ahead baking course this evening, but unfortunately, it was cancelled due to a… Continue reading Day 309 – Speed Typing Test