About Me

When I moved to Germany with my husband in 2012, I never thought I’d be writing a post-chemotherapy blog about trying something new every day, but life is full of surprises!

Over the past few years, I’ve had a string of operations, and eventually had a preventative hysterectomy in 2018. Soon after, I was told I had uterine cancer, which later spread to my ovaries, so the doctors whipped them out too (I’m now one operation away from a free latte). The next stop for me was chemotherapy, which after a long summer, I finished in late 2019 with, thankfully, an all-clear. With a new hairdo and all the hot fun of the menopause, it was time to think about life after The Big C.

All this had been scary. Surgeries, consultations, scans, waiting for results – it’s no fun. With all that behind me (fingers crossed), and the promise of a new year, it felt like the right time to do something new with my life. Easy, right? So instead of starting the year with an existential crisis, I decided to break it down and start with something small: trying something new every day.

Maybe I’ll discover a new passion, make new friends, or unearth a talent I never knew I had (or I might learn I hate knitting, can’t breakdance, and will never be a Guinness World Record holder).

If you have ideas of new things I could try, I’d love to hear them! You can share them via my Suggestions page.