The Future

I’ve only got a few days left of my new thing challenge, and although the world looks a little different than it did 12 months ago when I was getting ready to start, I still feel very fortunate and happy that I was able to continue this challenge right throughout the year.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a blessing and a curse at some points. I had big plans for travel and adventure in January, and while I did manage to have an adventure on an overnight train to Hungary, it soon became clear that a lot of my new things would have to be whatever I could do within my four walls at home. I enjoyed the plethora of virtual events that were available at the start of the lockdown in March, but they soon dried up and I had to look elsewhere for some creative solutions to new things.

There’s been a few surprise hits during the year — my love for circus skills being a big surprise! — but the clear favourite for me was being in the kitchen. I have done more new food things than anything else, and it’s really made me realise that food is where my passion lies. At a time which is basically a professional clean slate for me, this is quite exciting and definitely an area I want to pursue in the next year.

In terms of the blog and new things in general, it will all continue in a different vein. Although the new things have ensured each day this year has been different during a time when the whole world’s Tuesdays look like Sundays, the challenge has taken over my life at points and I’m ready for a break. With that being said, it’s hard to stop altogether. As soon as you start looking for the new things around you, there seems to be no end of them: there’s always a new recipe I want to try, somewhere new in Frankfurt I want to explore, or a new skill to learn. It’s going to be so hard to not do something new on January 1st! Next year I want to continue learning and finding new things, but at a different pace. There have been many things I’ve enjoyed but wished I’d spent longer on, and others I wanted to do this year but couldn’t.

I’m really grateful for everybody who’s supported me through this year. Whether it’s been a like or comment on Instagram or here on the blog, or a suggestion for a new thing, I’ve appreciated it all so much. I hope you’ll keep following my adventures in the coming year!

So in short: New day, new thing will continue!

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