Day 355 – Krav Maga Basics

A self-defence class is something that I would have loved to have done in normal times but never had the confidence to go. Ironically, thanks to my year of new things I now have the confidence, but there are no classes allowed to run. Today, I decided to try and attempt what I could at home, and learnt some Krav Maga basics.

Photo by Dellon Thomas on

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art that focuses more on self-defence than fighting, although that is a part of it too. The idea is to be efficient and aggressive to finish any potential combat as quickly as possible. It’s the type of thing that is best when taught in a class with an instructor, but as I found, there are a few interesting tips you can find online.

I used this Udemy course that was free not so long ago, so keep an eye out in case it comes around again. The only problem was, it was all in Korean and the subtitles were a bit sporadic. Nevertheless, I followed along with what I could and managed to rope my husband in as a sparring partner. I do not recommend this. I got a little too into the punching practise and may have landed a few on my poor husband. I practised on my own after that.

I enjoyed this so much, there were some really useful moves to learn to quickly de-escalate a situation and get out of it as quickly as possible. Whenever things are safer and classes are running again I would love to go to one and spar with somebody I’m not married to!

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