Day 349 – Designed my own Tartan

Today’s new thing was a brilliant last-minute suggestion from a Scottish friend, and one I never considered I’d ever do, designing my own tartan.

Photo by Reginaldo G Martins on

Tartan is associated with Scotland all over the world, and is most well known for being the material of kilts, such as the one in the above picture. Tartan has a rich history in Scotland, every Scottish clan had their own design and weave depending on where they were from, and it is still part of the national dress of Scotland, mainly in the form of kilts or shawls.

Although it is one of my favourite countries and somewhere I would love to live, I am sadly not Scottish and therefore don’t have any specific history with tartan, but in the interest of trying something new and fun, I set about to try and design my own weave anyway.

I used the weave designer on House of Tartan and followed the steps. First I chose my colours, cobalt blue and a cool yellow are my signature colours (think IKEA colours) so I went with that and added some white to break it up. You can choose up to six colours but I thought I’d keep it more simple. Next up was the order of the colours, and the final step was deciding on a thickness for each colour. There is a little guidance here but I found it fun to simply play around with it and see what happened.

I loved it! I actually designed something I would genuinely wear. I was excited and out of curiosity clicked to see how much it would cost to make the tartan in real life and…let’s just say I quickly closed the page again – I think the cheapest option was around £750! Maybe not then.

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