Day 346 – Wushu

I long for the days when I could drop in and try a new exercise class, as I did in January and February with Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I’ve tried no end of new ones online this year, but it would be so lovely to have that in-person experience, especially for the ones that are totally new, like today’s new thing, Wushu. This Chinese martial art is full of grace and power, like fighters dancing, and is a true pleasure to watch.

I found a very old “Wushu Basics” video in YouTube, and went into it knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to do half of it – this was more of a fun attempt than a serious one. I was surprised I couldn’t finish the stretches though – there wasn’t a chance I could bust out the splits in a warm-up, even after my efforts a few weeks ago!

“Basic” Wushu training

I continued with the video and found that I could follow it to a certain point when all of a sudden they started doing in-air backflips and doing graceful spins in the air. I was crying laughing trying to keep up, it was all so far beyond anything I could do.

I look a bit concerned

Some of the poses felt really cool and powerful, and I wish I had the grace and balance to follow through with the rest of it, but for now, I think it’s safest for all concerned if I stick to being a spectator!

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