Day 345 – Made Lusikkaleivät

I’m back in the kitchen! After having a little time off, I decided to dip my toe back into all things sweet and baked by trying to make a batch of the festive Finnish spoon biscuits, Lusikkaleivät.

Photo by Any Lane on

I’d never heard of these before, but became intrigued after finding them in an issue of BBC Good Food magazine. They look small, relatively quick to make, and are full of brown butter – my favourite. They’ve also put the recipe online if you fancy having a go at these yourself!

The recipe is very easy – the biscuits consist of brown butter, sugar, flour and bicarbonate of soda. When the mixture has come together, you mould each biscuit on a teaspoon and gently push it off onto the baking tray. This was a little time consuming but I found it quite meditative: it became very satisfying to see all the little spoon-shaped biscuits lined up. Once they were done, I sandwiched two cooled biscuits together with some raspberry jam and then rolled them in caster sugar.

These Lusikkaleivät tasted so good. The nuttiness from the brown butter stops them from being too sweet and they were the perfect bite-sized shape to nibble a few with a cup of tea. These were a hit in our house, and I can see them becoming a firm festive fixture!

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