Day 343 – Homemade Christmas Cards

I enjoyed making yesterday’s new thing, a Christmas wreath, so much that today I wanted to extend that nice Christmassy feeling. I stuck on a cheesy Netflix Christmas film, turned on the Christmas tree lights, and set to work making my own Christmas cards.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on

I’m normally a big card sender, taking pleasure in picking out the right one for the right person, but for some reason, I never quite get round to sending Christmas cards. The past few years I’ve been with family on or around the festive season so I’ve been able to hand-deliver them, but I’m often left with boxes of unsent cards in the cupboard. I decided to change that this year, the distance between me and my family feels further than usual and I want to bridge the gap wherever I can. Armed with ribbon, glue, and blank cards I got to work.

I did a little research and had a rough idea about where I wanted to go, but the image in my head never seemed to match what I made. I had to go through a few frustrating prototypes that looked worryingly like something a toddler would make before I landed on the perfect design. My simple ribbon tree needed a bit of pizazz so I decided to add some of my calligraphy skills to the front to make it a little more personal.

I’m actually pretty pleased with the results, but by the time I actually made a decent one I only had the patience to make another one before I was done! I happy to have it as a project I can noodle away on this week, with one eye on the last posting dates before Christmas – I don’t want another box of unused Christmas cards in my cupboards after all!

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