Day 342 – Homemade Christmas Wreath

Christmas is normally all about the markets here in Germany – as soon as the beginning of December comes any type of social appointment is spent eating and/or drinking at either the big one in the city or any number of small local ones scattered around (including a lovely one in the forest). For obvious reasons the markets aren’t happening this year, so I’ve been left seeking a big dose of Christmas to fill the gap. My tree was up way earlier than normal, I’ve already watched a crazy amount of cheesy Christmas films, and my Christmas dinner is all planned out – what was left?

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

Living in a city full of apartments, it’s rare I walk past a big house with a beautiful, elaborate wreath on the door, but it always feels special when I do. There’s something about them that so warm and inviting to me, and yet I’ve never owned one. This year I decided to go one better and actually make one myself!

I didn’t know where to start so I popped to my local florist who was very surprised and amused that I was going to make my own. After I promised to show him a picture of the finished result next time I stopped by, he helped me pick out some materials that would look good on a wreath, stressing the importance of different textures. I have no idea what I came out with, but it looked right and smelled amazing so I was more than happy!

This smelled so good!

I steadily got to work, winding small branches around the wreath and fixing it with wire. I feel like I should have bought a less conspicuous colour wire as the gold really stood out, but I suppose gold doesn’t look too much out of place on a Christmas wreath.

The end result looks a little bit shaggy, but I actually love it! I had a great time weaving pieces in and out, filling gaps with berries and greenery. It looks and smells so intensely Christmassy that I’m not sure I’ll ever want to get rid of it, but I only have one problem…I don’t know where to put it!

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