Day 341 – Escape Room Jigsaw

My husband has been on holiday from work which has been lovely, we’ve put up the tree, organised cupboards and planned our Christmas food, but before he goes back to work (from home) we thought it would be nice to do a fun new thing together. I picked up an escape room jigsaw from a local supermarket and decided to give it a try, not entirely sure what we were in for.

Photo by Ann H on

It’s been a long time since either of us had done a jigsaw, so at 759 pieces large this seemed like a huge undertaking, but we were confident we would finish it in a couple of hours. What makes this jigsaw different, is that it has clues and puzzles on it that you need to complete to unlock a code, different depending on what your story is. Ours was something about aliens and saving the world, I’m not entirely sure now as it seemed like so long ago since I began reading it.

We spent all of our Saturday afternoon trying to complete this, before realising it wasn’t going to happen and picked it back up on Sunday. Honestly, it took hours and hours and we were both getting fed up with it! It took us that long, that when it came to solving the puzzle side of it, I couldn’t even think about looking at it for any longer. But, after a little break, we came back to it and actually enjoyed solving it. There were around 5 different puzzles to solve, and I’ll be honest I definitely had to look up some hints to start us in the right direction, because it was a bit confusing at first. The solution was very clever though and almost made it worth all the time we’d sunk into it.

I would actually consider doing this again, but maybe over a lot longer period – I was seeing jigsaw pieces every time I closed my eyes for hours afterwards!

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