Day 338 – Listed Something On eBay

Most people feel the urge to organise once the new year rolls around, but these past few weeks my husband and I have managed to go through all of our junk drawers and have a good clean out. I’ve no idea how we accumulate so much stuff! As with any home organising there needs to be a ‘get rid of’ pile, and where I would usually donate it or throw it out, today I decided to finally put a listing up on eBay and try and sell something.

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I had an old Lulu Guinness handbag hiding at the back of the wardrobe. It’s something I’ve not used, the colours were a bit too bright even for me, but it’s a cute little bag that deserves a good home. I’ve been meaning to sell it for a while, but now was the right time. I’ve never sold any of my things before, it normally seems like too much hassle, and I want to get rid of them as soon as possible so I donate a lot. This would be an interesting first.

My husband has been buying and selling stuff on eBay for years so had a positive rating, so I figured it was best to go through his profile. I wasn’t quite prepared for all the information I had to give – it was quite extensive! It makes total sense, people want to know what they’re looking at, but it’s something I’d not considered before. To be honest I’m glad I had someone who’d listed on eBay before to go through it with me as I found some of it a bit confusing, such as how much postage to charge for postage and such.

Even though I complained a little, it was relatively quick to complete. There is a little effort involved, but it took around half an hour from start to finish. So now I wait, and hope I can send this lovely little bag to a nice home!

If you want to have a nosy, here’s the link to the page.

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