Day 330 – Breakdancing

It’s been a while since I tried a new exercise or dance class, but today I couldn’t resist finally learning to breakdance. My local community fitness centre has been putting classes online again during this second lockdown, and as soon as I breakdancing pop up, I had to join in, even if it was meant for teenagers!

I’m a big fan of hip hop, and love learning the culture as well as listening to the music. I’ve tried a hip hop dance class before, something I absolutely love and do as frequently as I can, but after reading about the BBoys and Girls of the eighties, and watching various modern breakdancing battles over the year, I was eager to have a go at trying to breakdance.

Photo by Jerm Gonzalo on

The live class was only half an hour long, and yet I felt I was warming up for nearly half of it. The teacher showed us the move that the woman in the picture above is doing and went through it really slowly. Well, I kept slipping, falling over, and generally making a bad job of it. Knowing I’m neither naturally nimble, or quick, I wasn’t put off and headed over to YouTube to try and find a different set of moves.

This one seemed easier, but I still struggled.

I found this next one by adding the word beginner to my search. After watching for two minutes I realised these moves were anything but, but I still gave them ago anyway.

It didn’t quite go so well! It looks like I’ve given up, but I was crying with laughter, it seemed so funny that I couldn’t make my body do that!

I really had fun failing at breakdancing. This is definitely not my sport, but it’s always fun to have a go!

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