Day 326 – Silent Disco

I miss dancing. Frankfurt is a great place to live as we have dozens of festivals all throughout the year, my favourite being the huge the Museumsuferfest – a three-day affair running up and down both sides of the river Main in Frankfurt with hundreds of food stalls, and different live music and DJs. My husband and I go every year and dance the night away with hundreds of strangers to some of the open-air DJ sets by the river. It’s the only time we really dance in public, feeling happy and relaxed on the warm August nights. I really missed it this year and longed to dance again, so today I decided to have a dance party of our own without annoying our neighbours – a silent disco.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I’m not sure of the origins of the silent disco, but it’s clear they’ve been around since at least the early-2000s when the term “silent disco” was first used. The idea is that all attendees wear headphones and listen to the same music, at the same time. It’s a way to keep the noise down, and what we learned, allows you to focus on the music rather than how you look dancing to it.

James made a perfect Spotify playlist for us, one that started with Prince, involved some Robyn, and a had a little Salt-N-Pepa sprinkled in too. In short, it was brilliant. We pressed play at the same time, turned the lights off, and danced like we were there on our own. I’ve never seen either of us dance like that, but we were too busy enjoying the music in our own heads to really care so much what the other was doing. It made me feel loose and uninhibited, and throw out some crazy shapes that I never knew I had in me.

This was definitely one of my favourite new things recently, it brought me so much joy to dance around again, and it’s something we’ll be repeating next weekend. A new favourite!

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