Day 325 – Radio Garden

Even at this late stage in the year, I still need a bit of inspiration for some new things. The days are getting shorter, lockdown fatigue is a real thing, and realistically (and unfortunately) I can’t just simply bake away the rest of the year. I found this interesting list on Buzzfeed, which is where I came across today’s new thing, Radio Garden.

Photo by Pixabay on

This website has a collection of radio stations from all around the world. Ok, not so groundbreaking I know, but it’s the way it’s designed that makes it a real treat to use. Rather have a long list by country, they have an interactive globe, one you can spin around, zoom in and out, and pick where in the world you would like to hear the music.

I travelled all over, starting with some French rap in Marseilles, before travelling further south to hear a very intense preacher in Lagos, and making my way across Asia.

I heard some very jaunty music from Sri Lanka

I loved this so much, it really felt like being on holiday for a little bit, hearing the little snippets of local radio as I explore a new supermarket in Indonesia, some smooth jazz in the Cooke Islands whilst I drink in a bar, gospel in Jamaica as I get into a taxi. Plus, it was just genuinely interesting to hear what they were listening to in Russia, or Tahiti, or Brazil at that very moment: it turns out the Weeknd is popular everywhere.

It may not be the new smells or sights, but the sounds definitely play a big part in a holiday experience. I really recommend this if you want to trick yourself your travelling, even just for a little bit.

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