Day 324 – Card Throwing

Today’s new thing was a bit of a change of pace after yesterday’s relaxing watercolour flowers: today I tried to learn the art of card throwing.

Photo by Nick Rtr on

Card throwing has been used by magicians for hundreds of years in a few different ways, including the longest throw, the most accurate, and the fastest. I wanted to attempt one of the big tricks I’d seen which consisted of throwing the card so fast that the force would cause it to lodge in an apple. I watched the always entertaining Mike Boyd for some tips.

I love how excited he gets at the end!

I knew I was never going to get this straight away, so I set up my apple on a tripod in the hallway and tried at various points through the day.

As you can tell from the picture above, it was not going well. I watched a few more videos in the hopes of improving my technique, but they all sent me along similar lines as the Mike Boyd video. I figured practice would be the key, so I just kept throwing cards at the apple all day long.

I managed to hit the apple no end of times, but there was something in my the way I was throwing that wouldn’t land that killer shot. This was frustrating not to get it, but it was quite addictive trying “just one more” time – it was definitely one of those things that felt I felt a hair’s width away from nailing, but I just couldn’t get there.

This was a really fun thing to try, and something I would definitely recommend if you’re stuck at home and starting to go a bit stir crazy!

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