Day 317 – Chin Chin

Rather than what two english gentleman clinking glasses together would say, today’s new thing Chin Chin is the surprising name of a sweet Nigerian snack. I found the recipe a little while ago in an issue of BBC Good Food magazine and I’ve been waiting for the right time to give this tasty sounding dish a go.

Chin Chin comes from Nigeria and, alongside similarly deep fried Puff Puff, is a common and popular snack. A simple dough made with the usual suspects, plus evaporated milk and a heady dose of warming nutmeg, this took no time at all to come together and smelled wonderful. The surprisingly time consuming part came when I had to divide the pastry into small 1cm squares.

The photo in the magazine showed significantly larger squares, despite giving the 1cm instructions, so I was a bit confused what was correct, but a quick google search reassured me that I was on the right tracks with the smaller ones.

After a short chilling time, it was time to deep fry the tiny bites – something that I was a bit apprehensive about doing. I don’t ever recall deep frying anything (another new thing alert!) my mum’s terrifying stories about oil fires filling me with dread at the thought. I chose a small pan and filled it around half full, just so I could have a bit more control over the bubbling fat.

Measuring the temperature, waiting for the magic 170C

I put the Chin Chin in the pan in batches, and it of course went without hitch. My only issue was I was there for ages. Partly my own fault, but for what the magazine said a quick recipe, I was in the kitchen for nearly 2 hours. I also made way too much for just me and my husband, in the future I will half the recipe.

I was a little heavy handed with the icing sugar, but oh it was so beautiful

These little crunchy golden bites were so flipping delicious, but dangerously addictive. Because they’re so small it became all too easy to grab a handful to munch on. It came to a point where I had to physically remove them from arm’s reach. I heartily recommend Chin Chin as a simple and tasty munching snack!

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