Day 312 – Don’t Break the Ice!

Don’t worry, although it’s been cold in Frankfurt, it’s not cold enough to have any ice to break just yet! Today’s new thing was in fact a cheap board game that I picked up, called Don’t Break the Ice.

Full confession, I didn’t intend for this to be a new thing (the game just looked cute and fun, I thought it would be fun to play at home), but it hit 8pm on Saturday night and I suddenly remembered I hadn’t done anything new. This sort of thing was more common in the early months of my challenge, but the idea of accidentally missing a day still fills me with dread. I panicked, racking my brain for something quick and new to do, and ended up with this cute little game.

This is a cheap version of the 1968 board game from Flying Tiger, the original one had a penguin and not a duck, but the concept is the same. You take it in turns to spin the wheel, which has four possible options: knock a dark blue tile out, knock a light blue one, choose which colour to knock out, and miss a turn. I think this is the type of game where you become the winner by default as the aim is the game is to not be the person that makes the duck fall through the ice.

The game was quick and fun, exactly how I’d expected, and was something new. There’s genuinely not more to say about it than that. Not a classic.

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