Day 309 – Speed Typing Test

Today’s new thing was one I had in my pocket for any last-minute emergencies. The days where what I can’t be bothered doing what I planned, or where plans change late in the day. I was meant to be on another Bread Ahead baking course this evening, but unfortunately, it was cancelled due to a staff illness. I was definitely disappointed, one of the bakes I’d learn in the class would be a new thing for me, but I ultimately understood that these things happen. So, I pulled out my trusty emergency new thing and attempted to see how fast I type.

I’m not sure what this stock photo is about, but I like it! Typing at the speed of light?

Photo by Tom Leishman on

I know typing classes used to be the norm in schools, but I presume that with the rise of the home computer it became less and less necessary. I learned about computers, but not specifically about typing, but to be honest, I’m part of the generation that grew up with the internet so I’ve been typing emails and school projects since I was at least 12. I know I’m not terrible at typing – I’ve been typing this blog almost every day for a year after all – but I do make a lot of mistakes. I was curious to see what my typed words per minute (WPM) score would be in relation to the average of 40 WPM. There are no end of websites out there to test your typing speed, I decided to try a couple to see if I could find my own average score.

Most of the tests looked like the one above: you would either see how much text you could type correctly in a time limit, or type a set text as quickly as possible, the timer stopping when you reach the end. I tried three different websites, the one above where I came out with a score of 68.

64 WPM in a 3-minute test from

And 63 WPM in a comprehensive 3-minute test from This gave me an average of 65 word per minute – a lot better than I thought it would be. This is considered ‘fast’, and according to the internet, I could feasibly apply for jobs in data entry, transcription, court reporting, and word processing.

This was actually quite enjoyable, and it was fun to find I had a skill I didn’t know I was aware of. A surprisingly good last-minute new thing!

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