Day 307 – Circle Colouring Book

Colouring books aren’t really my thing. I’ve tried them, and they definitely have their moments whereas a nice mindless activity when you don’t want to think about anything else, but I just never feel like picking one up. Today however, I was curious about a different style of colouring book that I’d seen, one that involved circles…

I liked this idea. Sticking to one colour and just changing the shade based on what number was in the circled was a really nice idea. It wasn’t as time-consuming as completing a whole scene, and rather than ponder over which colours to choose, you just had to commit to one. This was my kind of controlled fun.

I started the one above, honestly not sure of what it was until I finished, and even then I had to step back and see the pug. I think the effect looks quite cool, and I spent a happy little hour or so colouring away. I enjoyed this much more than a normal colouring book, and I’m not entirely sure why. It could be because it’s quicker that I feel more inclined to do it, either way, it was a nice little activity to do on a slow afternoon.

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