Day 301 – Plate Spinning

Who needs to go to clown school when you can just try something new every day? I have learnt how to juggle, learnt how to make balloon animals, so today it was naturally time to try some plate spinning. What could go wrong!

Photo by Zachary DeBottis on

Rather than bring out my best china to throw around the house, I played it safe and ordered the plastic plates the professionals use. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole on the circus website, I could have quite easily ended up with fire whips and trapeze swings and all sorts. Something I never thought I’d be saying this time last year…

I first picked them up, put the plate on the stick, and manually started spinning it with my other hand. I was amazed how easy this was, and was sure there must be something more – turns out I wasn’t doing it right at all. The trick is getting the plate to spin by just using the hand holding the stick. I found this video as a handy tutorial.

Trying this was a little more difficult, but honestly, so much fun. I spent around half an hour trying none stop before I managed to spin the plate properly, and after that, I was on a roll! I managed to do it time and time again, I got it to spin on my finger like the guy does in the video, and I also managed to hold it in my mouth. I got James involved too and it became quite addictive, we really had to force ourselves to put the equipment down so we could get on with the rest of our tasks.

I didn’t know I’d be able to spin a plate and balance on one leg at the start of the day!
Two at once!

I had no idea this would be such a fun one to do, but I’m so glad I gave it a try. I reckon I’m nearly qualified to be a children’s entertainer now, I just need to master the unicycle…

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