Day 290 – Patchwork

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst new things I’ve done. Yes, worse than that bloody Rubik’s Cube, and worse than the scratch art or playing Minecraft – it was terrible.

I bought a patchwork kit in good faith, expecting it to be a cute little sewing project that I could use as a new thing. I was a bit puzzled why there was a board in the kit, but I assumed you just pinned the sewed patchwork project to that. Oh, how naive I was.

Once I opened the kit at home I realised I’d made a bit of a mistake. There was definitely fabric there, but precious little else. No needle and thread, ok no problem I have them at home, but puzzlingly it also contained a plastic knife. I was at a bit of a loss what this was about until I looked at the instructions. This wasn’t a sewing project at all, it was an excruciatingly simple fabric collage, where you simply stick the fabric onto the board.

The fabric is already cut out into roughly the correct shape, and then you push it into the grooves with the plastic knife to give it that patchwork look. I was so disappointed, what the heck was this? The set was ridiculously cheap, and I realise now probably meant for children, but what a letdown. The worst thing was, it didn’t actually come with enough fabric to finish the kit!

I didn’t enjoy this at all, but I completed what I could as it was something new. That’ll teach me to look for cheap craft kits without reading all the details!

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