Day 283 – Mukbang

Today was one long day of German tests, so my brain was in no way ready to do anything that required thinking as a new thing. On the search for a new sport, or something new to watch, I ended up in the weird world of mukbang videos.

Mukbang originated in South Korea, where people would stream themselves eating large amounts of food. For some bizarre reason, it gained popularity, and you can now find mukbang videos from all over the world. Some people watch these videos whilst eating so that they feel they’re not dining alone, others see it as a form of comfort. I was really convinced it was some sort of strange fetish thing, but after watching a relatively innocent video I’m not so sure.

I tried to find some live streams but had to settle for some regular YouTube videos, of which there are thousands. Including strangely, lots of tiny Korean women eating octopus. I felt really uncomfortable watching people eating these crazy amounts of food, so I picked an ASMR style mukbang of a lady eating some sweets.

I tried to watch the whole video, I really did, but hearing all the eating sounds so loudly made me feel so disgusted I had to turn it off. It was horrible! It turns my stomach just looking at the still above.

Needless to say, this particular weird slice of the internet is not for me. I haven’t disliked something so fiercely and so instantly for a very long time! Not my best new thing.

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