Day 274 – Window Swap

This new thing was nowhere as strange as it sounds and was in fact a really lovely thing to do.

I’ve mentioned before how I really miss travelling at the moment, even if it is just back to the UK to see my family, so I’ve been seeking ways of trying to capture a little of the feeling from home. I came across Window Swap on Instagram and was immediately intrigued.

Photo by Alessio Cesario on

After six months of the Coronavirus affecting the whole world’s way of living, we have become more and more used to staying at home. This not only means we see the same four walls every day but the same view from our window. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fortunate to live opposite a big tree which is bustling with life: I can look out and see squirrels regularly during the day, but one day it would be so nice to open the window to somewhere else though, to see the view from a window in Sao Paulo, Seoul, Manchester, or Berlin. Window Swap is a website that allows you to do that by encouraging users to upload a 10-minute video of the view from their window and then randomises the videos every time you refresh the website.

South Korea

I found this so soothing, especially when the windows with sound came on. Listening to the birds chirping in a garden in Singapore whilst watching the wind gently blow through the trees was deeply relaxing. I uploaded a video of my own too. I’m not sure how many squirrels will be in it, but it only seems right to share my view which to me seems ordinary and a bit boring but might have the same soothing effect as my Singapore experience on others.

I loved this new thing, it warms my heart to contribute to projects like this, helping to bring a little sense of togetherness even when we’re all so far apart.

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