Day 272 – Did Nothing for 2 Minutes

Life is busy at the moment. As well as my normal day-to-day tasks, I’m also looking after my friend’s dog Sascha, and trying to study for a German test too, not to mention find something new to try each day – it’s a lot. Today was particularly busy and it was getting late on the day and I still had giant to-do-list. Doing nothing was not an option, or was it?

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I found a website that actively encourages you to do nothing for two minutes to try and give you a little breathing space and slow down your brain – two things I definitely needed. The website, run by the amazing Calm, a meditation and sleep site, has a timer ticking down which resets if you touch they keyboard or move the mouse.

I think there’s meant to be the sound of gentle waves which I didn’t hear, but nevertheless it really did the trick. Being forced to stop and literally do nothing for only 2 minutes helped rest my brain enough for me to spring back after with enough energy to finish everything.

Of course it was important for me to finish all my tasks and I didn’t want to pause, but two minutes is such a small amount of time to take, and it allowed me that tiny bit of breathing space I didn’t know I needed. This is one I can’t recommend enough.

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