Day 269 – Pad Thai

Pad Thai is my absolute favourite thing to order in a Thai restaurant – original, I know. There’s a great place just off the main shopping street in Frankfurt that does a delicious tofu Pad Thai for around €6: a perfect post-shopping pick me up. The nutty, tangy taste, mixed with some crunchy veg and chewy noodles is always a winner for me, and usually for James too when I inevitably end up bringing half home in a doggy bag for him. After years of thinking about it, today I finally decided to recreate one of my favourite dishes, my mouth watering in anticipation.

I’ve acquired a few different recipes for Pad Thai over the years (yes, really), always ready to make it when the moment finally came. They’re all slightly different, and I’m not entirely sure what is considered authentic or not anymore. I ultimately went with this one from Hot Thai Kitchen, and just swapped the shrimps out and added more tofu.


Oh. My. Word. I can not begin to explain how good this was – I was so impressed with myself! To be honest, it was a lot less complicated than I’d first thought, and came together relatively quickly. The only thing I didn’t do was soak the noodles for an hour beforehand (more like 30 minutes) but it definitely didn’t make a difference. This is something that’s going to enter my regular recipe rotation, and even better, I’m going to teach it to James so he can make it and I can have that restaurant feeling at home.

I’m over the moon with this new thing, and it’s something I’ll absolutely be taking with me beyond this challenge. Why on earth did I wait so long to make it?!

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