Day 268 – Plantain Crisps

I’m looking after my friend’s dog at the moment, the lovely Sascha. She is cute, cuddly, and a little time-intensive: she likes a lot of attention and sometimes it’s difficult to get a lot done. She’s the cutest little monkey, but I can’t quite get used to being watched when I go to the bathroom!

My view right now

For that reason, today I had to grab something as a quick new thing. I’d ran out of time for anything too intensive, and relied on my old friend food to give me something new. I always enjoy a trip to the Asian supermarket, picking up fresh tofu and herbs as well as new treats to discover. I picked today’s new things, plantain crisps, as something new to munch on whilst I’m watching TV.

Although I’ve wanted to, I’ve never actually tried plantain before. The fruit is very similar to a banana, in shape, colour, and texture, but are a little starchier and less sweet. The plantain is commonly used in Southeast Asia, West and Central Africa, America, the Caribbean, and regions of South America cooking, and is considered a staple food. I’d read about in all sorts of recipes, from curries to desserts, so I was intrigued to try it fresh but couldn’t find any, so I settled for these crisps for now.

I had an idea they’d be similar in texture to a potato, but I thought they’d taste a bit more banana-y – nope! They tasted really similar to normal potato crisps, just a little chunkier yet somehow lighter – I liked them a lot. I’m not sure if plantain chips are healthier than potato ones, perhaps if you bake them yourself, but they were super tasty. I’ll definitely be picking up a bag of these from the Asian supermarket again, and hopefully I’ll grab some fresh plantain whilst I’m there too!

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