Day 264 – Stickman Adventures

This was a fun and quick new thing!

I’ve found a few different ladies through Instagram who are doing the same challenge as me, doing something new, every day. We’ve been taking inspiration from each other, and my new thing today comes after seeing a post on Draw a Stickman by one of my fellow challengers.

Draw a Stickman is a fun little game where, well, you have to draw a stickman. The stickman then gets into a bit of bother and has some adventures with a dragon, all using items you’ve drawn. I’m a terrible drawer, and my stickmen are notoriously bad so this was going to be fun!

A previous stickman attempt – for some reason the legs are always disconnected from the body…

I found this game so nice, the first time I saw my stickman animated was so funny, and I loved that the story developed based on your input.

Fighting a dragon with my sword in Chapter 1
I think the answer is no! Sneaking past tigers in chapter 2

These are silly and fun little games that gave me a quick dose of creativity on a busy day. Not particularly noteworthy, but fun nonetheless!

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