Day 257 – DIY Straws

I’m always on the search for new things, especially as the year goes on and I seem to have already baked through half of my list. On a recent trip to a department store, poking out of a clearance section, I found something that looked really fun and a bit weird making it a perfect addition to my list – a kit to make your own crazy straws.

It’s about time somebody made straws fun again!

The kit had straws of various sizes and 3 styles of rubber parts to attach to them, meaning you could create hundreds of different straw designs. I only really had the time (and patience) for one, so I set about trying to make the greatest straw design in the history of straws. I present to you – the only way to steal sips from four drinks at once – Quattro Straw!

My greatest creation

I wanted to make sure each strand worked so thought it would be useful (and look cool) having different coloured drinks. I only drink tea or water at home so didn’t have any juice, and also didn’t have any food colouring leaving only one source of coloured drinks left – alcohol. This led me to my second great invention of the day – the Campari, lemon, whisky, and sweet vermouth cocktail! I’m still working on the name.

Despite some hesitation, this didn’t taste as bad as I’d feared, and I quite happily sipped from all four drinks at once, making this project a lot more fun than I originally thought it would be!

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