Day 256 – Siesmayer Cafe

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that it’s no secret I like the sweet stuff. Cakes, tarts, chocolate, you name it! Whilst I normally like to be making it, I love to venture out and taste the real deal from time to time. A few months ago a lovely friend got me and my husband a gift voucher for the Siesmayer Cafe, famous for its patisserie cakes, and today we finally got round to using it. This was going to be good.

Why I was so excited

Cafe Siesmayer is situated next to the beautiful Palmengarten, Frankfurt’s botanical gardens. My friend’s idea was that we could make a day of it, lunch in the cafe and a walk around the gardens, which was what I planned on doing. Although I found the interior of the cafe to be a little date, the outside terrace was beautiful, open, light, and surrounded by the greenery of the Palmengarten, it was a perfect little getaway from city life.

Rather than dive straight into the cakes, we decided to restrain ourselves and had lunch here too. The prices were a lot higher than I’d normally pay for lunch, but the food and presentation were superb.

Falafel, hummus, and a bulgur salad

I have to be honest, we didn’t manage to restrain ourselves very well as our eyes followed the waiter every time a cake went past. They looked incredible, and I may have not savoured as much of my lunch as I should have in order to get to them!

As we couldn’t (and didn’t want to) choose just one cake to try, we opted for a mini-sized version of five of them, with my husband also being unable to resist the chocolate truffle cake. We don’t do things by half.

Top row, l – r: maracuja tart, cheesecake
Bottom row, l – r: chocolate framboise, opera cake, Frankfurter Kranz

This wasn’t just a belated birthday celebration, this was the first meal out my husband and I had had together, just the two of us, since the start of the year. We used to go out for lunch most Saturdays and its something I’ve really missed, so this was very special. We don’t know what will happen over the next few months, so we decided to also mark the occasion with some bubbly – can you tell we’ve been cooped up for so long?

As you can imagine, the cakes were an absolute dream. The maracuja tart was probably my favourite, sharp and sweet all in a buttery pastry, but the chocolate framboise was also pretty special. The only one I wasn’t fond of was the cheesecake, but I’m not really a cheesecake fan anyway. The heady mix of alcohol and sugar made us a bit giddy before we came crashing down and had to rest on a park bench. When we noticed the queue for the gardens was snaking around the block, we decided to give it a miss for today and walk our off our decadent lunch.

I’m so grateful to my friend for such a wonderful gift, I wouldn’t have known this place was there otherwise, and it’s now somewhere that I’ll absolutely return to the moment I need of a classic patisserie selection – it happens more often than you’d think! We really had the best day we’ve had in months, eating the most delicious desserts next to a leafy oasis, our very own slice of heaven.

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