Day 253 – Air Freshener Part 2

Doing something new every day seems such a simple concept, and then along the way you build all these rules. One main one has been for my new things to be absolutely different, no variations on the same theme. Confession time – making an air freshener is something I’ve actually done before as part of my challenge. I didn’t realise until I’ve come to write this post now and I’m a little frustrated! It ultimately still counts as I made them both in completely different ways, but it’s still a bit annoying to break one of your own rules.

Anyway, regardless of how it happened, today I made a very quick and easy natural air freshener!

I cook and bake most days and I have an open plan kitchen/living room so having an air freshener is pretty much essential some days. I do like smell when someone else is cooking and I’m sat on the sofa, but when it lingers long after the dish has been eaten, it becomes a bit much. I have some lovely oil diffusers that I light often, but I wanted to try and find something that would absorb the smell rather than mask it. Enter, the king of cleaning, baking soda.

Baking soda is one of those household products that works for everything. Like lemons and apple cider vinegar, I always make sure I have some in my cupboard to naturally solve any household emergencies. I found a recipe for making a quick and easy baking soda air freshener at The Homemade Experiment and spent the most time looking for a jar to put it in.

Simply baking soda mixed with about 40 drops of essential oil, it worked surprisingly well. I left it in my kitchen/living room area for a couple of hours but couldn’t really smell it, but once I moved it to the bathroom it made an immediate difference. I used lemon oil so it smelled fresh and clean, and just very pleasant. I think the amount is maybe a bit too small to soak up the odour from my bigger rooms, but I think it would work well in targeted areas.

The only thing is, it doesn’t look very attractive. I’ve seen quite a few bloggers try to make it fancier by adding some ribbon or decorations to their jars, but as well as it works, I just don’t think it’s a nice addition to my rooms. If I could find one that lasts and looked good I’d be all over it, but for now, I think I’ll stick to my oil diffusers and plain old fresh air to lift any smells.

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