Day 248 – Kakigori

Looking at the some of the food posts from the last month or so, it really looks like I’ve been on a bit of a Japanese food kick. From mochi, to okonomiyaki, I’ve been reaching out and trying some new things from a style of food that I already love. Today, I tried something else to add to the growing list, Japanese shaved ice aka, kakigori.

After a blistering few weeks in early August, the weather became a lot more temperate, and cool the majority of the time – I wore jeans and a jumper the other day! During the cooler spell I’d found that there’s a little kakigori stand by the river on Instagram, and patiently waited, hoping for some warm weather to try it out. I thought all hope of trying it this summer was out, so I was ridiculously happy when I saw today’s temperature was due to be 27C. I roped in a friend to come and try it with me, and we set off on yet another culinary adventure.

My friend’s amazing strawberry kakigori

Made by layering fruit syrup, and shaved ice, it was a real treat to watch. The guy kept packing down the ice after each layer to make it as compact as possible so he could fit the most on. It was very much appreciated as it tasted divine! I went for a mango flavour syrup, and was pleasantly surprised by the huge chunks of mango all the way through the dessert. I had to act quick the sauce was melting down by arm, and the wasps were on high alert and were not so subtly circling us, looking for a way in, but the brain freeze was more than worth it.

I made sure to wear the summeriest outfit I own to enjoy the last bit of summer

This was so good: light, fresh, and crisp, I wish I’d discovered it earlier in the summer. Most of all, I wish I’d gone back and had a second helping, because this kakigori was downright delicious. Roll on next summer!

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