Day 242 – String art

Doing something new every day has brought me fun and adventure in this very strange year, but it is definitely a challenge some days. Since March it’s been very difficult to find safe new things to do at home or in my neighbourhood (hence all the food-related posts), and it requires a lot of research and planning. That’s why I’m always grateful to have a quick and easy new thing on hand to turn to when life gets busy, or when I just need an easy win. Today was one of those days, and thankfully I had picked up €1 string art set for such an occasion.

I’ve seen string art (where you wrap some string around nails laid out in a pattern on a board) pop up often on Instagram, and some can look quite nice. I wasn’t expecting great things from my kit, but I was at least looking forward to hammering a few nails! The disappointment was great when I found out I only had to push them into the polystyrene board, not hammer them into a wooden one as I’d imagined.

The kit had 3 different colour strings, and a star pattern of nails, and no further instructions. I didn’t have a clue where to start, so just randomly started looping the string from one nail to another. It looked…interesting. I changed colours and tactics, and weaved some white string in a particular pattern which made it all look a bit more intentional, and surprisingly ended up looking OK.

I kept getting frustrated with the project. I thought it was going to take me a quick 20 minutes maximum, and over an hour later I was still sat doing it. It was so fiddly as my string kept coming off the nail, it was driving me mad!

I really don’t think I have the patience for anything like this. I’ve seen some people do some really nice designs, but my cheap kit wasn’t cutting it for me. I’ll add this to my cupboard of random completed crafts which is currently getting fuller and fuller.

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