Day 237 – Sound Bath

I love taking my new thing challenge and using it to try things that I would have talked myself out of otherwise. That could mean big things, like travelling with a stranger, or little things like going to karaoke. It also means I’ve stepped into the more alternative side of my interests, having tried reiki, reflexology and facial yoga, I now feel more confident trying some more ‘out there’ new things, like today’s sound bath.

I’ve always struggled with sleeping, and that’s why I’m a big advocate of yin yoga and yoga nidra – both of helped me no end in drifting off to sleep. After a month of late nights and night sweats (the menopause and heatwaves don’t mix), I looked for something new to help me wind down.

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I’d read about sound baths before, noting that they reportedly had many health benefits, backed up by various studies. In a sound bath session, you ‘bathe’ in the soothing sounds coming from various instruments such as chimes and singing bowls. The different frequencies of sound help relax the body and mind, a little like an ethereal meditation.

Normally you’d attend a sound bath in person, but seeing as that is a bit ill-advised at the moment, I stuck with the internet and went to the home of all things wellness and ‘out there’, Goop, trying this nighttime sound bath from Jasmin Harsono.

Although I became a little distracted half-way through, I felt deeply relaxed and drifted off to sleep as soon as it had finished. This was a big deal considering it normally takes me forever to fall asleep, so I was really impressed. The sound was a little strange at first, but once I became more comfortable I really eased into it and enjoyed the deep meditation.

At 30 minutes, this was a little long for me so I won’t be using it all the time, but I think I’ll turn to it for the next time I’m struggling, or just need to unwind. I’m glad I took the plunge and gave it a try.

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