Day 234 – DIY Body Scrub

Back in the early days of this year, I had a great afternoon with a friend making some homemade lotion bars and lip balms. My intention was to gift some of these to people for birthdays and celebrations, but sadly they’re still stockpiled in my cupboard. Instead, I’ve been using them myself, along with homemade face masks for an indulgent pampering session every so often. I wondered what else I could make myself to expand my range, and discovered how easy it was to make a DIY body scrub is.

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I’m not normally a huge body scrub fan, they’re often way too scratchy for my sensitive skin, but I do like using them in Summer when bare legs and feet are the norm. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about getting into fresh, cool sheets, with silky-smooth, shaved legs, something I only get after first exfoliating.

I found a cheap and simple recipe on The Simple Veganista for an edible body scrub. Whilst I’m not intending on eating my scrub, it’s still good to know that I could have a mid-shower snack if I wanted to!

The recipe gives freedom to play around with whatever you have available, so I did just that and went for a simple brown sugar and coconut oil scrub, choosing not to put any essential oils in as I love the coconut smell. Making it could not be simpler: gradually put the oil in the sugar until you get a sandy, not wet, texture. If it’s too wet, the oil will dissolve the sugar in a couple of days.

I tried this in the shower, and although it went everywhere (as good scrubs often do), it felt really good – not too rough, but good enough to feel like it’s doing something. The oil left it feeling moisturised and left a subtle coconut aroma on my skin. I had no idea how easy it would be to make a good scrub, but it’s something I’ll definitely do again. I’m sure it would also make a nice present, but seeing as the majority of my gift-giving is still virtual for the time being, I’ll have to wait on that one.

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