Day 232 – Crocheted a coaster

Crocheting is one of few crafts that I enjoy, and can actually do. I love making little amigurumi animals, big woolly scarves, and have been working on a blanket for the past few years. I even attempted to crochet a hat for the first time earlier in the year, but it didn’t go that well!

Photo by Castorly Stock on

Crochet is normally something I only pick up in Winter – sitting with a big ball of wool on your knee is not something you want to do in the middle of Summer! Today though, I thought I’d have a go with something a bit cooler, and decided to crochet a coaster with some cotton t-shirt yarn.

I didn’t really need any coasters, but it couldn’t hurt having some more options, so I chose a nice yellow yarn to bring a bit of colour to the room. The pattern for the coaster was super simple, and something I could have probably figured out myself, but the video I followed was so soothing I didn’t mind.

The repetitive motion of the crochet and the soothing music of the video were very relaxing. It was such a pleasant experience, and I was even happier when I saw the outcome – it looks lovely.

Mine was turning out to be quite chunky so I modified the pattern slightly.

The only problem is, I’ve run out of yarn to do another one! I do have some yarn in navy blue so I might give that a try, but it might not go so well with my dark coffee table.

Working with the t-shirt yarn was really easy, and it’s something I’m keen to do again on some different projects. I like the chunky effect it gives, and I think it’ll be great for a little basket or a cushion. Who knows, maybe next time I try making my own? Either way, I’m really pleased with how this little project came out.

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