Day 224 – Google Quick, Draw

A fun and quick one today!

When I was looking into the Mars A.I. that I helped last week, I tumbled down an internet rabbit hole last week and brought this website back with me.

Google’s Quick, Draw is a fun little game where you simply have to draw a couple of pictures within 20 seconds. Quite simple. The fun comes in that you’re actually playing with a robot who is trying to guess what you’re drawing as you’re drawing it – it’s a bit like playing Pictionary with C3PO.

Each drawing trains the Artificial Intelligence to recognise the shapes and strokes that build your doodle. Training for what exactly, I’m not totally sure about, but still, it’s a pretty cool idea.

As you can see, I’m not the best artist, but I’ve played this quite a few times and the A.I. guessed correctly most of the time. What I found really interesting is that you can click on each picture and found out exactly how the computer came to that conclusion, and what it’s initial guesses were.

The game is fun and actually quite addictive: I can definitely see myself popping on for a quick game when I’m procrastinating in the future. In all honesty, I’ve actually played it three times whilst writing this blog post!

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