Day 222 – Mechanical Crossbow

This sounds more sinister than it is, don’t worry. I know I’ve learned some survival skills, but I’m not making my own weapons just yet.

I picked up this kit in a post-quarantine shopping haze, and put it away until I had the time to start building it. Today’s sticky, scorching, 38C provided the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do something slow and time-consuming to distract myself from the heat.

I got all the pieces out and felt a bit overwhelmed when I saw how many there were – well over a hundred little bits. How on earth was I going to do this? After a bit of initial confusion with the manual, I finally got into the swing of it, and spent a slow and happy few hours constructing the crossbow. The kit is meant to aid children in learning about robotics and engineering, and whilst I’m not sure I could build a robot now, I could definitely put some Ikea furniture together.

Obviously, the building is only half the fun, and we both spent a good long time setting up shots and trying to get the bullet in the bowl – we were close a few times!

We had a surprising amount of childish fun with this, and honestly spent most of the day playing around with it. I love creating something and enjoying the satisfaction of seeing it come together, step-by-step. The box says it can also be used two other ways, but doesn’t provide any instructions on how to do it. This may be a challenge I pick up another day, to see if I can create something new!

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