Day 220 – Mentalism Magic

Magic is fascinating to me. Like most people, I love to try and work out how the trick is done, yet always come up short. There was a TV show on when I was growing up called Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed and I used to really enjoy sitting in front of it finding out the way magicians perform some of their most famous tricks.

The way the magicians trick and deceive the audience with sleight of hand, or diverting their attention always interested me more than the fancy props or card tricks. Although I have learned how to do a card trick before, today I wanted to learn how to perform without any accessories, and learn some mentalism magic.

Brilliant UK mentalist, Derren Brown, hosts a short TED talk on the subject

I love the psychology of drawing information out of somebody, without letting them know that you’re doing it, and hunted around to find a good mentalism magic trick to try out on my family. Because I’m not a member of the magic circle, I’m going to share the trick with you too so you can give it a go!

Hannah’s Mentalism Magic Trick

So, pick a number between 2 and 9.

Got it? Good, now multiply it by 9.

Now, add the two digits together (e.g. if you had 11 add 1+1=2).

Take away 5.

Now assign a letter to your number (e.g. 1=A, 2=B, 3=C etc.)

Think of the first country that comes to mind beginning with that letter.

Take the second letter of that country’s name and think of the first animal that comes to mind.

Wait, they don’t have elephants in Denmark do they?

Hopefully, that worked, and if not I got a little close! For those curious, here is where I found this trick along with a few others to try out, and I’ve had success half of the time. I only managed to get the right country from my husband, but when I tried it on my mum she was flabbergasted that I’d managed to read her mind.

I had so much fun learning this, and I wouldn’t rule out going into this a bit deeper. I think these sort of tricks are fantastic party tricks, and I can definitely see me pulling this out at any future get-togethers.

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